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Leszek Zebrowski Polish Posters

Black & White

Posters by Leszek Żebrowski


09. July, 7 pm
Exhibition until 31. July 2015

Exhibition poster:
Leszek Żebrowski

Leszek Żebrowski Black & White

Leszek Zebrowski is the author of over 400 posters printed mostly in large editions. Some of them, however, are the so called "poor posters", i.e. works first drawn directly on an offset plate and then exposed, which results in a singular black-and-white print. The technique was developed by Zebrowski after 1989, when state funds for the culture were severely cut. These artpieces were printed in small editions in direct cooperation with print-workers and exhibited on street walls. Most often they advertised off-theater performances which boomed at that time. "It was not all experiment, but also an attempt to say something more about the man, his psyche and emotions, in which I drew from such artists as Witkacy, Helnwein, and Bacon."

Leszek Zebrowski holds a chair in graphic design at the Szczecin Art Academy. His posters received numerous international awards.


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